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2019 Southern Oklahoma Comedy Showdown Champion

Radio Interview

Tulsa World Paper Article

Just for laughs

By JASON COLLINGOTN World Scene Writer


Nightspot launches comedy nights featuring national acts

A local comedian is trying to bring laughs to Tulsa. Tulsa Comedy Tonight at Cowboy Sharkies will begin Thursday at the restaurant and bar, 5840 S. Memorial Drive. Every week, the club will showcase local and national comedians, many of whom have ties to Oklahoma. Comedian Susan Dale is the latest Tulsan trying to fill the void left when Tulsa Comedy Club closed last May. Other than some shows at the Brady Theater earlier this year, Tulsans have not had a place to go to see stand-up comics every week. Dale, who recently performed at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival, said she's making three changes to the typical comedy club formula. "There's no drink minimum where the drinks are expensive," said Dale, who waited tables at Tulsa Comedy Club for seven years. "And we will have nights offering clean comedy. And it's a nonsmoking room -- there's a bar where they can smoke." When the club publishes its calendar, the night's shows will be rated so people know what to expect.

Dale, Michele VanDusen and Gains Kelly, who will regularly perform at the club, will provide the clean comedy in May.

Dale tells stories about her family, which she characterizes as red trash -- half redneck and half white trash.

VanDusen, a stay-at-home mother of four boys, talks about motherhood, home schooling and her weight issues.

Kelly shares stories of what it's like to be raised in Bartlesville. Dale said Tulsa needs a place for comedians to flock to because the city has a rich history. "Great comedy has always come out of Tulsa," she said. "Tulsa breeds comedy, and we want to help those who want to give it a try."

Eventually, the club will have open-mike nights. The room seats 125 people and tickets are $10.

Muskogee Phoenix Paper Article

Yuk it up every weekend

New comedy club in Tulsa brings area, national acts

By Jane Wilson

Phoenix Correspondent

TULSA — Suddenly, Tulsa is alive with comedy. After the city’s last comedy club shut down last year, it seemed there was no place to hear live comedians doing their thing. Then, later last year, the Brady Theatre started booking nationally known comedians, and now Cowboy Sharkies, at 58th and Memorial, is bringing live comedy to Tulsa every weekend with national headliners and local opening acts. The atmosphere is intimate and friendly, with about a dozen tables set up in front of a stage surrounded by fish tanks and punctuated by a cow skull that has become the butt of several comedians’ jokes, according to Susan Dale, a comedianne who also is the manager and promoter of Tulsa Comedy Tonight.

The show isn’t a standard comedy club setup in that those who attend can get a nice meal before the jokes kick in.

“It’s dinner theater with comedy,” Dale said. “But you should get your food about an hour before the show so you can enjoy yourself without worrying about any food mishaps.”

It was unclear whether she was talking about choking on the food from laughing so hard or something else.

Even though the setting is intimate, you don’t have to sit near the front — that’s a bonus for those who fear that comedians may single them out for jokes if they sit around the stage (but they don’t really do much of that, Dale said).

Though the shows aren’t advertised as family fare, Dale strives to keep the acts relatively clean while the restaurant is open so errant saucy comments don’t make it to young, impressionable ears by mistake.

Just to be absolutely sure, the club’s Web site lists coming comedians using a rating system to allow patrons to judge beforehand whether they want to show up. The ratings rank from PG to X, but Dale said she really doesn’t book any X-rated shows. In fact, most are PG to PG-13.

National acts like David Graham, Isaac Witty and John Evans are only part of the story.Local comedians can hold their own with the big acts, Dale said.

Michele Vandusen, another local comic who was the host of last week’s shows, is pleased that Cowboy Sharkies is providing a place for homegrown comics.“It’s an ideal place for comedy in Tulsa,” she said. “And it has the best food of any comedy club I’ve ever been to.”

Not only that, but it provides young comics a place to get exposure and experience in a relatively friendly environment.

“Each show is different, every night, depending on the audience,” Vandusen said, mentioning that if she wasn’t comfortable with herself, she couldn’t do comedy. “It’s instant gratification.”

Comedy has been desperately needed in Tulsa since the Tulsa Comedy Club closed, Dale said.

“People should support it here,” she said, “so we have it forever.”

Originally published May 26, 2006


This picture is at the Indiewood Awards...Doug Phillips & myself won an award for our script "Roughing It Up". It will be produced as a movie this summer. I will give you details as they come.

DOUG PHILLIPS-RICE LAKE, WI & Michele VanDusen-Tulsa, OK

"Roughing It Up" Micro Script-2-Screen Shoot 'n OK Production Award