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Michele VanDusen

Michele, a stand up comedienne with more than 10 years of experience, performs in comedy clubs, corporations, and churches nationwide.

Winner of 2019 The Southern Oklahoma Comedy Showdown, Michele has opened for a variety of well-known comic performers. She was featured before the Clean Guys of Comedy Live movie that was shown in theaters across America. Michele's mug has shown up in several music videos - including "Voluntold" by Bryon Trimble Comedy and as the Rapping Barista in the "Back to Church Sunday" 2016 . 

Michele loves kids and is community oriented as she regularly heads up an after school children’s comedy club at a local Tulsa public elementary school.

Born and raised in the Chicago area, Michele isn't afraid to speak her mind, especially under the influence of chocolate. Her comedic style is rooted in her Midwestern, middle class, youngest (and shortest) child in a rather large Irish-Italian family views and values.